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Blending digital and traditional marketing

Blending digital and traditional marketing

Blending digital and traditional marketing

3 direct mail innovations that are improving results

The days of getting excited over an email are gone. Digital fatigue has set in. The average consumer feels inundated with promotional junk mail. 

But interestingly, we’re back to opening letters with frenzied curiosity. 

Like most media channels, direct mail is changing. It’s adapting to the digital age. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are no longer isolated approaches. 

Direct mail is becoming more dynamic and tech friendly. Here are three innovations driving the revolution. 

Retargeted Direct Mail

Retargeting has been a common digital practice for quite some time. 

You’re shopping online and browsing a website for a pair of shoes. You consider a certain pair for a while, before deciding to table the decision for another day. But it won’t be long before you’re seeing those shoes again. All of a sudden, banner ads on other websites are waving for your attention to keep those shoes on the top of your mind.

However, it’s easier for online shoppers to thwart this advertising technique, as ad blocking software is reducing the presence of retargeted ads. 

On the other hand, retargeted direct mail has a different story to tell.

This method utilizes programming that tracks potential customers’ online habits and actions. However, instead of repurposed digital ads, the program generates personalized direct mail that’s then delivered to those viewers within 12 to 24 hours of an interaction. 

By integrating a direct mail campaign with this digital component, companies are able to automate and streamline workflows – and reduce production time. 

According to a U.S. Postal Service survey of 75 marketing decision makers, approximately 68% of respondents found retargeted direct mail had increased their website traffic, while 47% reported increased conversions. 

Informed Delivery

Did you know you can preview your mail? No, not your emails – your physical mail. 

With Informed Delivery, companies can send their customers an early look of their mail before it arrives – via the USPS mobile app, email, or online. The preview not only allows customers to receive an external and internal view of their mail, but it also empowers companies with the ability to incorporate add-on digital content. 

In other words, companies can include digital content in their direct mail preview, like URLs and QR codes that customers can access for a discount or that will lead them to a product page or video. This triple impression technique intertwines digital marketing strategies with direct mail – and boosts engagement. 

Per the survey, 36% of respondents reported an increase in ROI, while 39% reported more website traffic. 

traffic after using the Informed Visibility tool. 

Direct Mail or Digital?

There’s been a glaring shift to digital marketing over the last 20 or so years. Naturally, with the growth of the Internet, this makes sense. 

Although total mail volume has declined by about 30% since 2006, response rates have increased dramatically. Per the Direct Marketing Association’s 2018 annual report, the average response rate for house lists and prospects lists have increased by 173% to 8% and by 194% to 5%, respectively, since 2006.

Direct mail is personal, engaging, tangible – and shouldn’t be excluded from your marketing mix. 

The best marketing strategies don’t just leverage both traditional and digital marketing – they pair and integrate the two methods to maximize engagement and conversions. Reach out to us to learn how we can help you merge both marketing channels and increase ROI.

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