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3 Tips for Healthcare Member Communications

3 Tips for Healthcare Member Communications

Tis the season for healthcare open enrollment, which means strategic member communication plans are a must. Here are three tips from AGS to get you on the right track.

1) Get personal
If you aren’t already doing so, now is the time to personally engage with your members. Just like the average consumer, members want to be recognized as individuals with their specific healthcare needs being addressed when they receive communications from providers.

To personalize, you must be able to harness and analyze member data that will provide this kind of experience. Remember, the more effective outreach they receive, the better engagement you will get, ultimately resulting in greater member retention.

2) Use an omnichannel marketing approach
When it comes to communicating about your open enrollment period, you must educate and engage with more than one form of communication.

Your communication plan should include campaigns that are concept driven, building interest (maybe even excitement) a few months before open enrollment, which will ultimately make it a positive and smooth experience.

To be successful, offer a few different communication channels, taking into account your members’ preferences. One suggestion is to survey them to find out what they prefer, which ties into getting personal. For the best results though, an integrated approach will do the best job at engaging members.

An omnichannel communications strategy, for example, could involve:

  • Videos informing members about your offerings
  • Informative Newsletters (either digital or printed)
  • Personalized Direct Mail post cards
  • Enrollment Kits with ALL of the information that members need to make smart decisions about their healthcare
  • Putting templates in place for effective, standardized communications

3) Automation for the win
Using automated communications means that you can communicate with members (e.g. open enrollment kits, confirmation of benefits statements, general communications) in a matter of a day or two, saving thousands of dollars in postage because kits can be sent out via standard mail instead of Priority Mail (not to mention the amount of follow up and headaches it can alleviate).

At AGS, we have secure workflow solutions that can help healthcare companies with their communications. Data can be sent safely through a secure FTP site and then processed, adhering to strict HIPAA and HITRUST/SOC2-compliance standards. We can even provide clients with date and time stamps of when communications are sent, giving providers with peace of mind that deadlines and any compliance regulations are met.

Other best practices include keeping your messaging and calls-to-action simple. Reach out early and often. Encourage member feedback when possible to make sure you are keeping them satisfied. After all, a satisfied member will most likely stick around for the next open enrollment.

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