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A good dose of MOJO

A good dose of MOJO

2014-06-04 14:06:14 +00001“Dr Evil, let me make you a deal. All right? You keep your mojo, you keep your money. And I’ll get your baby.” – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

At AGS, MOJO is everything. And no, not in the Fat Bastard, Austin Powers way. In our world – the real world – MOJO stands for Mastering Operations and Jumping on Opportunities. It’s how we run our business, how we deal with clients and it’s at the core of what we believe.

MOJO is when our company does something purMOJO21.pngposeful and powerful and it impacts our clients because they were delivered their project a day before they expected it, or our CSR helps a client deliver on something at the last minute or our incredible sales team comes up with an interesting and innovative solution to a project a week before they need it.

I strongly believe in MOJO, and love Austin Powers, but I truly believe AGS’s philosophy has taken MOJO to the next level. I think our clients recognize that MOJO lends itself to real innovation and creativity.

Tweet at us with questions at @automatedgraph. Use the hashtag #MOJO.