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A multi-channel marketing approach

A multi-channel marketing approach

Mashable reported last year that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, yet some businesses are still hesitant to dive into cross-channel marketing. What is multi-channel marketing? Well, it’s what you probably already think: the practice of using multiple channels to reach your customers.

In this day and age, it’s important to target your customers in multiple ways. Your customers, depending on their age and gender, respond to marketing in different ways so it follows that your company’s marketing strategy needs to have multiple marketing channels to reach them. You need to market in the mediums that your customers react to.

Today’s B-to-C marketing channels include:

  • Retail spaces
  • Websites
  • Direct Mail
  • Emails
  • Catalogs
  • Smart Devices that include tablets and phones

Think about retail catalogs. You still receive them, and they’re beautiful and glossy and really fun to look at. However, retailers are thinking smart. Those retail catalogs are actually just direct mail pieces with personalized URLs. With that beautiful catalog, most of the time you also receive a coupon code that directs you back to the vendor’s website to enter it in for a discount. It’s easier to order online, and retailers know that. Great example of pairing the two marketing approaches together.

Same thing with hashtags. We see more and more tv and print ads with hashtags that direct consumers back to Twitter to further engage with the brand in another way. #mojo #simplyags @automatedgraph

So, take advantage of an integrated marketing approach. You’ll gain more attention from potential customers by reaching them in their preferred medium and you’ll have more touch points. If your company is data focused, those multiple touch points will help you collect additional insights on the marketing campaigns that are working (and not).