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Bad mailing lists are evil

Bad mailing lists are evil

Bad mailing lists can cost more than you think. Why?

It is estimated by the USPS that US companies lose approximately $611 billion annually on undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. UAA mail comes directly from the mailing list used.

UAA mail takes resources to mail it and to get it delivered; then it ends up being recycled or trashed.

The USPS estimates that up to 7% of addresses could be outdated because of moving; which is why every mailing the list should be NCOA processsed.

Steps you can take to reduce UAA mail include: NCOA (national change of address) registry processing, Zip+4 processing, ACS (address change service) processing, and AEC (address element correction) processing. These tools help clean your list up and reduce UAA.

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