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How can I mail millions of personalized pieces?

The only cost-effective way to mail millions of personalized pieces is to use in-line offset print production combined with variable ink-jet technology. So what is in-line offset print production (besides the coolest print process you’ll ever see running)? It is where your marketing message enters the press as paper off rolls and comes off the […]

Why does variable data printing take more time to plan than a traditional printing?

It takes more time because of the planning that goes into the front end when you create a variable data campaign. Not only does it take more time on your part, it also takes more time on your vendor’s part (which means it typically costs more from a printing standpoint). Why? Well, on your end […]

What is cross channel marketing?

I work with a program called Destination Imagination as a volunteer. The first year working with the program I was totally confused about the terminology. For instance a Team Manager is really a Coach. An appraiser is the same as a judge. I share this with you to highlight the fact the world of digital […]