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Why does variable data printing take more time to plan than a traditional printing?

It takes more time because of the planning that goes into the front end when you create a variable data campaign. Not only does it take more time on your part, it also takes more time on your vendor’s part (which means it typically costs more from a printing standpoint). Why? Well, on your end […]

What is cross channel marketing?

I work with a program called Destination Imagination as a volunteer. The first year working with the program I was totally confused about the terminology. For instance a Team Manager is really a Coach. An appraiser is the same as a judge. I share this with you to highlight the fact the world of digital […]

Who uses variable data printing?

Variable data printing has become fairly popular (has something to do with the excellent response rates) and thus is used across a wide range of industries. These include: Politics: election campaigns, union campaigns to push voters to a particular candidate Hospitality: to highlight bonus/reward points and destination deals Non-profits: to market upcoming meetings, raise funds, […]

When should you use variable printing?

Deciding to use variable data printing or variable information printing is a personal decision (no pun intended). The decision should be based on your project goals, how much time you have to produce your first variable project and how much you have in your budget. For instance, is it your goal to get more people […]