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Books, books and more books

Books, books and more books

At AGS, we do a lot of things. But one of our main focuses is books. We print books. Some of the books aren’t super sexy, and many you won’t have heard of, but I love that we have a role in creating books that people use to learn, immerse themselves in another world or share knowledge. We have been doing this at AGS for more than 40 years.

Three important things that we do that are somewhat unique:

  1. Print-on-Demand. We print customized versions in targeted quantities at near-destination locations. Print only what you need, when you need it.
  2. Distribute-then-Print. If your ship-to destination is Chicago but you’re based in Florida, we can print your materials in Chicago (or near Chicago) quickly and cost effectively. As a part of the RR Donnelley family of companies, we have a vast global footprint. You’ll save on shipping $$ and time to market.
  3. Automation. The holy grail is here at AGS for book production that involves a good deal of automation to enable proofing on-the-fly and get projects into production super fast.

We also have an entire spectrum of services to produce your books from beginning to end – colors, page counts, trim sizes, binding styles and quantities to meet your needs.

Our services plus these three things help us to help you get those books out to your customers faster, better, cheaper and more efficiently than anyone else. Give us a try.