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Can Printing be Fun? 19 Crimes thinks so.

Can Printing be Fun? 19 Crimes thinks so.

Printing is a part of the means by which we communicate and until we all have microchips in our heads it will always be a part of how we share information.

So, yes, printing can be fun. One recent example that I saw of printing and fun involves the wines from 19 Crimes. 19Crimes_1The 19 crimes refer to the crimes committed in Britain in the late 1700s that used to be “punishable by transportation” (see image below) and ended with criminals being sent to colonize Australia. (Check out crime #5 — bizarre.) 19 Crimes is a cool name that ties the branding of the wine to its website and bottle labels.


Even cooler is that these wines also have labels that use augmented reality to tell their story. You download the 19 Crimes app and then put the wine label in front of the app and you hear the story of a convict.

Dare I say the labels are the perfect use of augmented reality. It makes you smile, the photography is great and it is a bottle of wine (so those are fun too).

Try it out and enjoy!