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Can you automate variable data marketing?

Can you automate variable data marketing?

The short answer is yes.

And here’s the “dreaded but” a.k.a. the long answer. To automate variable direct marketing, it takes some time and planning so your campaign is effective and requires routine review to ensure it is still working.

How does it work?

The best that I’ve seen make it easy for the Marketing team to create content and then allow the sales force to populate the campaign with relevant targets. Typically done using SaaS (Software as a Service) online tools where the marketing message has been posted and a sales person can login, upload a list, merge it with the desired message and then select the delivery method(s).

Delivery can be by PURL (Personalized URL), text message, direct mail, email or a combination of all three depending on the data that you have at your finger tips.  

Want to figure out how to do it? Who doesn’t?

There are several ways to tackle this: you could take the easy path and message me (katiek@hbp.com). Or you can ask your print service provider if they have something to offer that automates direct marketing (most do these days); Google automated marketing tools; check out what is already feasible in your CRM and/or call your marketing services firm. Good luck!

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