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Blending digital and traditional marketing

Blending digital and traditional marketing

3 direct mail innovations that are improving results The days of getting excited over an email are gone. Digital fatigue has set in. The average consumer feels inundated with promotional junk mail.  But interestingly, we’re back to opening letters with frenzied curiosity.  Like most media channels, direct mail is changing. It’s adapting to the digital […]

Why use AGS?

Why use AGS?

Automated Graphic Systems: Using Data and Technology to Deliver Highly Personalized Communications The blog meetcharlescounty.com recently wrote a great blog about AGS, our value proposition and how we can help you! We hope you’ll read it. A few key facts: Automated Graphic Systems (AGS) of White Plains, MD is the largest printer in Charles County […]

E-commerce sales soar and so do the use of digital AND print coupons

According to various reports, it’s shaping up to be a strong retail holiday season, especially for eCommerce. We are keeping those shipping companies extremely busy. Looking back at last year, holiday sales made up approximately 10.6% of all retail sales for all of 2016. It’s a fact that ecommerce holiday sales have been rising year over year, […]

NEWS ALERT: Online Brands Connect Offline for Best Results

No doubt, it’s been a tough year for retailers. Statistics vary depending on the source however I’ve read that between 2016-2017 a combined total of more than 1,360 brick-and-mortar stores will close. Much of those closures are attributed to the growth of online shopping. Thinking about all of the closures, one would predict that all […]

What Motivates Us to Offer Up Personal Information?

We, aka consumers, aren’t so gung-ho when it comes to sharing our personal information with the places we shop…or are we? I think it’s true that we all have privacy concerns but when it comes to giving up that precious info to save a few bucks, it seems that many consumers (me included) have no […]

Unlocking the Keys to a Successful Loyalty Program

Remember those days when customer loyalty programs meant you were given a little punch card to carry in your overfilled wallet to tally your purchases so you could eventually be awarded with a discount on shoes, a free coffee or a car wash? Admittedly I have one of those still for Kleen Wave Car Wash…and […]

Breaking News: Print is Alive and Well

Print is still alive and well, which is great news for me. Can you believe that the newspaper industry is having a huge uptick in subscriptions? Granted, that includes digital versions as well as printed newspapers. However, according to a Nielsen Scarborough study, more than 169 million U.S. adults now read newspapers every month, in print, […]

Personalized Marketing + Customer Retention = Customer Success (part 2)

My post this week a continuation of last week’s post, part 2, as I had more thoughts on the topic. Imagine that! For those of you who hear “marketing automation” all the time but don’t actually know what it means, it’s software and tactics that automate marketing tasks (like email) and allow companies to buy […]

Relevant Coupons Drive Bigger Baskets

Did you know that 63.9% of consumers prefer physical or printed coupons?* Yes, coupons aren’t just for your grandma. And so does that mean coupons are cool? Duh, anything that let’s you keep a little of your hard earned cash available is always cool. ☺ Now to get to my point, have you ever wondered […]

Versioned Versus Variable … What’s the Difference?

In the world of “personalized” communications there is one concept that many have trouble with: versioned versus variable. Versioned means that for the campaign you have a few options that you’d like to use for the campaign art and copy, and a recipient list for each version. Variable means that for the campaign you have […]