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Top ten questions to ask yourself about your campaign…

There are 10 critical questions (and my 2 cents) to consider for any direct marketing campaign that uses variable data: What is your campaign goal? For instance, what $$ amount do you want to raise, how much product do you want to sell, OR how many people do you want to reach and have react? […]

Can you automate variable data marketing?

The short answer is yes. And here’s the “dreaded but” a.k.a. the long answer. To automate variable direct marketing, it takes some time and planning so your campaign is effective and requires routine review to ensure it is still working. How does it work? The best that I’ve seen make it easy for the Marketing team to create […]

Target – the Ultimate in Personalization!

Target’s customer communications are “the ultimate in personalization!” I am a Target shopper for many reasons though the main one is that Target does an amazing job of embracing the consumer and making the experience a positive one from all angles. That coupled with a clean, stylish and well-organized shopping experience makes me loyal. In turn what I’ve […]

Make Your Message Standout!

Each day we’re bombarded with messages from tv, radio, mail, email, and billboards – to name a few. Making your marketing message standout from all the others is, in my opinion, a huge challenge. So how do you do it? Here are my favorite ways to make a message standout: Relevant – is your message […]

Top 10 Variable Data & Marketing Blogs

Since starting this blog I’ve found some great articles and blogs about Variable Data Printing, 1:to:1 marketing and marketing in general. I thought I’d share the knowledge so you can enjoy them too. Here is my personal top 10 list: USPS Deliver Magazine http://www.delivermagazine.com/ Data Guide http://www.dataguide.com/Print-Blog/ Print CEO http://printceo.com/ Big Fat Marketing Blog http://bigfatmarketingblog.com/ […]