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Getting the Most out of Your Digital Strategy Requires Print

Last month I touched upon direct marketing in my Print is Alive and Well post, so I’m taking a deeper dive into integrating print with online advertising. (And, because, who doesn’t like a little traction on their blog posts?!) It’s clear that marketers are looking for new ways to grow, and that consumers are demanding […]

Relevant Coupons Drive Bigger Baskets

Did you know that 63.9% of consumers prefer physical or printed coupons?* Yes, coupons aren’t just for your grandma. And so does that mean coupons are cool? Duh, anything that let’s you keep a little of your hard earned cash available is always cool. ☺ Now to get to my point, have you ever wondered […]

Grocery Marketing Trends for 2016

Progressive Grocer recently listed their four trends for grocery marketers in 2016. Not surprisingly, their first trend focuses on the value of quality content. The article references a Nielsen report that found “consumers are five times more dependent on content than they were five years ago.” It also shares a report from Forrester that says […]

Top 5 Reasons Print is Not Dead

As marketers, we want to save money on various marketing campaigns. And with the rise of email and social media, we think we can run all of our campaigns online, with minimal costs. Right? Wrong. There’s a lot of research that shows that an integrated marketing approach – that includes print – is the most […]

Feed the bears … with coupons?

A bear walks into a store and…well if you were a bear, what would you need? Of course honey and salmon, and then coupons for honey, salmon, chocolate… Wait! Did I just say “coupons for honey” for a bear? Yes I did. And what could be better than personalized coupons based on customer shopper data. […]

Why Variable Data Printing is a “Must-Have” Technology

I was struck by a recent infographic in a Printing Industries of America blog. The image depicts a young man surrounded by his favorite things: Thai food, his passion for animals, his desire to drive in a NASCAR race. Why is this important? For better or worse, we have become accustomed to being able to […]

Why direct marketing is still very relevant

I recently read an article on Forbes.com that only affirmed my belief that print is still inimitable – especially with some demographics. According to the article, titled Reshaping Direct Mail for 2014, “Mailers will go where the money is and that’s primarily to old people.” So what does that mean? The article cites an example […]

What does AGS do?

Today I’m going to explain the four Ws of AGS. Who are we? We are a 39-year-old print and marketing communications firm that specializes in print technology. In fact, we started as a composition and type-setting company that focused on the creation of pages from database files. We are owned by our parent company, Consolidated […]

Favorite marketing sites & blogs

We all have our favorite things – some of mine include sloppy joes, retail therapy, shoes, and favorite blogs. Of course what’s relevant here are those favorite marketing blogs: USPS Deliver Magazine http://www.delivermagazine.com/ Marketing Experiments http://www.marketingexperiments.com Marketing Profs http://www.marketingprofs.com/  Big Fat Marketing Blog http://bigfatmarketingblog.com/ Pat McGraw’s Marketing Optimization http://www.mcgrawmarketing.com/ PODi http://www.podi.org The Direct Mail Man […]

Top 10 Variable Data & Marketing Blogs

Since starting this blog I’ve found some great articles and blogs about Variable Data Printing, 1:to:1 marketing and marketing in general. I thought I’d share the knowledge so you can enjoy them too. Here is my personal top 10 list: USPS Deliver Magazine http://www.delivermagazine.com/ Data Guide http://www.dataguide.com/Print-Blog/ Print CEO http://printceo.com/ Big Fat Marketing Blog http://bigfatmarketingblog.com/ […]