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What Motivates Us to Offer Up Personal Information?

We, aka consumers, aren’t so gung-ho when it comes to sharing our personal information with the places we shop…or are we? I think it’s true that we all have privacy concerns but when it comes to giving up that precious info to save a few bucks, it seems that many consumers (me included) have no […]

In retail marketing, agility is key

A recent blog from the National Retail Federation discusses how remaining stagnant – and not adapting to change – can be the biggest mistake for a retail organization. As the savvy consumer becomes more sophisticated, their expectations continue to rise — including the use of personalized communications. NRF interviewed Tom O’Reilly, CEO of Aptaris, a […]

What happens when data is bad?

Bad data exists. We experience it every day. As consumers we get it in the form of wasted postage and paper. As marketers we wish it wasn’t so. In 2006 I had a miscarriage…after my name had been sold to assorted lists as an “expecting mother.” For the following year I received coupons, mailing, and promotions […]