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direct mail

Less competition in the mail box!

As we all know, the past year with its “economic challenges” has strained many marketing budgets. Interestingly enough, due to cuts to direct mail budgets, your message has less competition in the mail box. Yes, less other mail to distract from your message. Cool isn’t it?  But just because there is less mail doesn’t mean your […]

Is your direct mail green?

Direct mail can be more green than you think. And because direct mail is still one of the most effective means of direct marketing you don’t want to ignore it as a way to reach your audience.   One common protest to direct mail is its perceived negative environmental impact. Here are some ways to […]

Favorite marketing sites & blogs

We all have our favorite things – some of mine include sloppy joes, retail therapy, shoes, and favorite blogs. Of course what’s relevant here are those favorite marketing blogs: USPS Deliver Magazine http://www.delivermagazine.com/ Marketing Experiments http://www.marketingexperiments.com Marketing Profs http://www.marketingprofs.com/  Big Fat Marketing Blog http://bigfatmarketingblog.com/ Pat McGraw’s Marketing Optimization http://www.mcgrawmarketing.com/ PODi http://www.podi.org The Direct Mail Man […]

Getting someone to look twice

Direct quote from my son: “It was a split of the moment decision, mom!” as we discussed his recent and somewhat questionable decision to ignore a text message from me. Of course this line is his take on “spur of the moment.” And when he uses it, he says it so seriously that it cracks me […]

Top ten questions to ask yourself about your campaign…

There are 10 critical questions (and my 2 cents) to consider for any direct marketing campaign that uses variable data: What is your campaign goal? For instance, what $$ amount do you want to raise, how much product do you want to sell, OR how many people do you want to reach and have react? […]

Target – the Ultimate in Personalization!

Target’s customer communications are “the ultimate in personalization!” I am a Target shopper for many reasons though the main one is that Target does an amazing job of embracing the consumer and making the experience a positive one from all angles. That coupled with a clean, stylish and well-organized shopping experience makes me loyal. In turn what I’ve […]