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direct mailing

Self-mailer? Does this mean you can mail yourself?

Excuse my lame attempt at humor, but in the direct marketing industry sometimes you hear the oddest questions. That said, there are a number of effective self-mailer formats available to use for direct mail campaigns. Typically a self-mailer is a piece of paper that has been folded down so it can mail without an envelope […]

Holiday mail & lots of it!

This holiday season I’ve noticed a distinct trend in direct marketing – mail and lots of it! Catalogs, post cards, mailers, and traditional donation solicitations arriving in droves. Yes, now is the time for catalogers to get those extra sales. Retailers push customers to stores with good offers. And charities to get donations before year […]

Getting someone to look twice

Direct quote from my son: “It was a split of the moment decision, mom!” as we discussed his recent and somewhat questionable decision to ignore a text message from me. Of course this line is his take on “spur of the moment.” And when he uses it, he says it so seriously that it cracks me […]