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Blending digital and traditional marketing

Blending digital and traditional marketing

3 direct mail innovations that are improving results The days of getting excited over an email are gone. Digital fatigue has set in. The average consumer feels inundated with promotional junk mail.  But interestingly, we’re back to opening letters with frenzied curiosity.  Like most media channels, direct mail is changing. It’s adapting to the digital […]

Print Still Has Power in Retail Marketing

My topic this week seems self-serving…my career is based on providing clients with solutions to communicate their message, including print solutions, and I’m a lover of retail, be it grocery, clothing or Amazon. That being said, I’m not alone. Americans love to shop. Computers, smartphones and tablets are used for purchasing goods through the internet […]

It’s Time for Rewards Programs to Step It Up

There are many good reasons why brands should have a loyalty program. Done right, it can help a company identify its high-value customers, providing opportunities to communicate with them at the beginning of their buying journey, which is more important than ever according to a recent study. The most successful programs include a point system […]