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loyalty marketing

Unlocking the Keys to a Successful Loyalty Program

Remember those days when customer loyalty programs meant you were given a little punch card to carry in your overfilled wallet to tally your purchases so you could eventually be awarded with a discount on shoes, a free coffee or a car wash? Admittedly I have one of those still for Kleen Wave Car Wash…and […]

Amazon kills it with brick and mortar store

Last week I mused about how the retail industry is at a crossroads, and how brick and mortar retailers must stay relevant to younger generations. And then boom, I came across an article on how Amazon has created a convenience store in downtown Seattle that enables customers to come into the store, grab what the […]

Feed the bears … with coupons?

A bear walks into a store and…well if you were a bear, what would you need? Of course honey and salmon, and then coupons for honey, salmon, chocolate… Wait! Did I just say “coupons for honey” for a bear? Yes I did. And what could be better than personalized coupons based on customer shopper data. […]