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marketing outside the box

Rethink how you deliver content

You all know that I am all about printing (shocking since I manage a printing company). However there are complements to print that can further impact your marketing campaigns and make them much more effective – as it really is all about COMMUNICATION. Let’s say you’re attending an important conference and you want to take […]

A multi-channel marketing approach

Mashable reported last year that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, yet some businesses are still hesitant to dive into cross-channel marketing. What is multi-channel marketing? Well, it’s what you probably already think: the practice of using multiple channels to reach your customers. In this day and age, it’s important to target your […]

Common sense campaigns – CalTort at it’s best!

I am absolutely fascinated by the role that common sense plays (or doesn’t) in direct marketing. The definition of common sense (from dictionary.com): — n 1. plain ordinary good judgment; sound practical sense — adj 2. inspired by or displaying sound practical sense When a small company wants to launch a campaign they frequently use […]

Marketing Outside the Box…Target

I write about Target quite a bit – I’m a devoted Target shopper  (I haven’t been inside a Wal-Mart in about 5 years and hope to never return) – and today is no different. Target markets outside the box continuously and proves that they are able to redefine the discount shopping business through their growth. […]