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What’s the difference between versioned and variable?

In the world of “personalized” communications there is one concept that many have trouble with – versioned versus variable. Versioned: means that for the campaign you have a few options that you’d like to use for the campaign art and copy; and a recipient list for each version. Variable: means that for the campaign you […]

Can you automate variable data marketing?

The short answer is yes. And here’s the “dreaded but” a.k.a. the long answer. To automate variable direct marketing, it takes some time and planning so your campaign is effective and requires routine review to ensure it is still working. How does it work? The best that I’ve seen make it easy for the Marketing team to create […]

Make Your Message Standout!

Each day we’re bombarded with messages from tv, radio, mail, email, and billboards – to name a few. Making your marketing message standout from all the others is, in my opinion, a huge challenge. So how do you do it? Here are my favorite ways to make a message standout: Relevant – is your message […]

Who uses variable data printing?

Variable data printing has become fairly popular (has something to do with the excellent response rates) and thus is used across a wide range of industries. These include: Politics: election campaigns, union campaigns to push voters to a particular candidate Hospitality: to highlight bonus/reward points and destination deals Non-profits: to market upcoming meetings, raise funds, […]

When should you use variable printing?

Deciding to use variable data printing or variable information printing is a personal decision (no pun intended). The decision should be based on your project goals, how much time you have to produce your first variable project and how much you have in your budget. For instance, is it your goal to get more people […]

What is Variable Information Printing?

Simply put Variable Information Printing (VIP) is using data to print mass-customized marketing and/or informational pieces for individuals. It is also known as variable data printing and personalized printing. VIP has a number of uses that include: marketing, bonus/reward point statements, school performance reports, and personalized catalogs. As you can imagine the largest adoption rate […]