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Loyalty Programs are Important to Younger Audiences

Today’s top brands understand the importance of loyalty programs to current and future customers. Those programs are so important to younger consumers, according to a recent Advertising Age online story on June 3 that states 37 percent of millennial respondents said they would not pledge their allegiance to a brand that doesn’t offer a strong […]

A multi-channel marketing approach

Mashable reported last year that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, yet some businesses are still hesitant to dive into cross-channel marketing. What is multi-channel marketing? Well, it’s what you probably already think: the practice of using multiple channels to reach your customers. In this day and age, it’s important to target your […]

Top ten questions to ask yourself about your campaign…

There are 10 critical questions (and my 2 cents) to consider for any direct marketing campaign that uses variable data: What is your campaign goal? For instance, what $$ amount do you want to raise, how much product do you want to sell, OR how many people do you want to reach and have react? […]

The Original VDP Guru – Dr. John Leininger

This week I had the pleasure to meet and listen to Dr. John Leininger of Clemson University’s Graphics Department (graphics.clemson.edu) speak at length about variable data printing. He offered very good information about VDP return on investment, how to test response rates and why variable data printing is useful for marketing efforts. A little background […]