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variable data printing

Relevant Coupons Drive Bigger Baskets

Did you know that 63.9% of consumers prefer physical or printed coupons?* Yes, coupons aren’t just for your grandma. And so does that mean coupons are cool? Duh, anything that let’s you keep a little of your hard earned cash available is always cool. ☺ Now to get to my point, have you ever wondered […]

Shop till you drop … from the comfort of your desk

It’s Cyber Monday, the new Black Friday! It’s every retailer’s favorite day. So. Many. Sales. It seems like almost every online retailer has some sort of sale going on today. In fact, if there isn’t at least a 20% coupon offer plus free shipping involved, you should move to the next retailer. Have you ever […]

Got Data? How do you find a printer that can deal with it?

For full disclosure, I do lead a printing company and we print two types of things at AGS: variable data and books. With that in mind, one of the most perplexing things I see in our world of print is that sometimes, in an effort to be “the printer of all things to all customers,” […]

Millennials still love print. Here’s how to market to them.

What qualifies someone as a millennial? Google defines a millennial as “A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; a Generation Yer.” There are a ton of theories on millennials, how they think, how they approach life. (My son Ethan turned 4 in 2000 – I’m pretty sure he will be the next “named […]

Why associations have the leg up on personalization

There is an association that supports every industry. If you don’t believe me then you’ve never heard of the “International Association for Bear Research & Management” (I wonder if Ms. Grizz Leigh Bear should join?) Associations play a powerful role in our world by curating content relevant to their industry, organizing meetings to disseminate information […]

Is hyperpersonalization creepy or crucial?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Google and Facebook are tracking your clicks and conversations. One minute you’re asking friends on Facebook about roofers, the next minute you see an ad for a roofing company in your area. And if you open another window for a news site, the ads will be for roofers or the […]

Versioned Versus Variable … What’s the Difference?

In the world of “personalized” communications there is one concept that many have trouble with: versioned versus variable. Versioned means that for the campaign you have a few options that you’d like to use for the campaign art and copy, and a recipient list for each version. Variable means that for the campaign you have […]

A renaissance for print

I collect mail. I enjoy seeing how companies are marketing themselves, what types of mailers they’re using and how often they are marketing. I receive no less than five catalogs a day. What has been most interesting is how these catalogs have changed. I have seen a shift in how catalogs market to consumers. Catalogs […]

Consumer narcissism is on the rise

I just read the most fascinating article in last month’s issue of CRM magazine: Consumer narcissism is on the rise. Marketing and psychology researchers at various universities around the world have concluded that a rise in narcissism is reason for retailers to personalize their products – and marketing efforts. “Narcissism increased 30 percent between 1979 […]