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What’s the difference between versioned and variable?

In the world of “personalized” communications there is one concept that many have trouble with – versioned versus variable. Versioned: means that for the campaign you have a few options that you’d like to use for the campaign art and copy; and a recipient list for each version. Variable: means that for the campaign you […]

Take your time to plan

Planning is important in life – you know no one likes to be caught off guard – and given the amount of money it costs, planning is CRITICAL when it comes to variable data printing. Why? VDP takes more time to set-up at your printer which equals more costs up front. What else? You’ve got […]

How VDP Embodies the Dale Carnegie Principles

I had an “A-ha Moment” recently about variable data marketing. It is this: variable data marketing embodies Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” guiding principles. Yes, the book is a classic “must read” for those that want to succeed in the business world. And, you know if you’ve read the book and […]