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Chips, cookies and snacks, oh my!

Chips, cookies and snacks, oh my!

Do you like chips? How about cookies? I do. But, unfortunately for me, my new Paleo diet no longer allows me to indulge in those carb loaded, tasty snacks as often as I’d like. (Ok, not at all actually.) On the plus side, there’s a lot of cabbage. And bacon. Ummm…OK, so, what do chips have to do with anything besides my diet?

Well, Frito-Lay’s chief marketing officer just announced at Snaxpo 2014 in Dallas that mass marketing no longer “resonates” with today’s consumer and the company needs to create a new strategy focused on one-on-one marketing with a focus on consumer shopper insights.

Sound familiar? Yep, that’s because it all goes back to what I’ve been saying all along. Targeted consumer marketing – especially in a B-to-C environment – is critical. You need to reach your consumer by breaking through all the noise they are already inundated with. Why should they choose Doritos over the store-brand option?

Frito-Lay’s CMO also provided the following insight: Consumers no longer make their purchase decision in-store. In fact, 76% of decisions are influenced before consumers even get to the store. (Read: Those targeted coupons can help define what products your consumers purchase before they even realize they need something.)

So get your chips on. Know that I won’t be joining you. Because I’ll be eating cabbage.