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Data Security and HIPAA: Why it’s important

Data Security and HIPAA: Why it’s important

Data security is top of mind for every organization these days as reports of data breaches are becoming commonplace. More and more companies – especially those in the financial, insurance and healthcare industries – are at risk for breaches of sensitive information. 

In the healthcare sector in particular, the transition to digitized health data is still relatively recent, making them more susceptible to cyberattacks and data breaches. This information can wreak havoc in the wrong hands with serious economic and other consequences for patients and providers alike.

Sensitive data can include details like email addresses, social security numbers, credit cards, and medical records; but those are just some of the data fields that need special security requirements. 

Although HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which passed in 2003, may not be able to thwart cyberattacks, it does providedata privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. This means higher standards for communications.

If your company needs to practice HIPAA compliancy, it is imperative that you choose the right marketing services partner. When it comes to direct mail, or any communication containing personal information, a provider that places data security as a top priority is imperative. 

Safety of personal data is a primary focus for us at AGS. 

Our HIPAA compliant facility, located in the metro Washington, D.C. area, is designed to meet HIPAA’s rigid standards. Our certification requires us to have very specific protocols in place when handling sensitive communications. Our employees are also required to go through special training every year to ensure they understand the protocols as well.

With these processes and safeguards in place, AGS is fully equipped to handle any sensitive information with the security processes in place to guarantee that our customers can sleep soundly at night.

If your company is looking for a solution provider to handle sensitive data, reach out to us. If you need a local Washington D.C. printer, we can save you time and shipping costs. Give us a call. We welcome a conversation around your secure data needs.

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