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Disruption in the World of Inkjet

Disruption in the World of Inkjet

noun: disruption; plural noun: disruptions
definition: disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process.

In today’s world of decreasing marketing budgets and understaffed departments operating with an, “I need this yesterday” deadline, quick turnaround is the name of the game. I have seen this trend for quite some time, so I want the technology that I offer our customers to also be able to keep up with the demands in their world.

That is part one of the reasons why we invested in inkjet web print technology about five years ago. It produces in hours what used to take days (or even weeks) on a digital cut sheet press. And it produces what you cannot touch using traditional offset lithography press: variable print. Hence the term “disruption.”

Inkjet printing is disruptive technology, and the growth of personalized print (taking the place of non-personalized direct mail) creates a sweet spot in my industry.

Our inkjet web press truly delivers cost-effective digital color with high volume work. Not only does the output make our customers happy but when we combine this technology with a customized AGS workflow, we can provide timely, very personalized communications almost as quickly as you can snap your fingers! Think personalized coupons for retail, confirmation of benefits statements for healthcare or student assessment tests.

Print industry consultants, I.T Strategies, say production inkjet is expected to account for at least 60% of all digital impressions by 2020.

Some pros to using our digital technology:

  • Short turnaround times
  • My favorite… variable data! Using secure information from an external file or database; text and graphics can be different on each piece without ever stopping the press
  • Proofs are more accurate since you see an actual sample
  • More cost effective than offset with high volume projects
  • In-line finishing

Oh and btw, AGS is a HIPAA and SOC2 compliant facility and is working towards SOC2+CSF/HITRUST compliancy. Essentially this means we can handle data in a secure manner. Our staff is trained on the processes and protocols necessary to process and manage secure data. Email me to learn how you can be disruptive in your industry!

–> Cool video that shows variable data in action <– (And yes, our inkjet web press really does look like a grey loaf of bread.)