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Feed the bears … with coupons?

Feed the bears … with coupons?

A bear walks into a store and…well if you were a bear, what would you need?

Of course honey and salmon, and then coupons for honey, salmon, chocolate…

Wait! Did I just say “coupons for honey” for a bear? Yes I did. And what could be better than personalized coupons based on customer shopper data. Coupons that targeted my “beary” household.

How does the bear get those personalized offers?2015-07-23 20:24:14 +00001

We know through her loyalty card data that Ms. Bear shops for honey every time she visits her favorite grocery store and purchases salmon any time it’s on sale. We also know that due to her rural location and long commute to the grocery store, that Ms. Bear saves her trips until she has collected the coupons that are relevant to her. (We don’t want her visiting the expensive shopping outpost in the woods that is much closer to her.)

Given how much data we have on Ms. Bear, targeted offers make a lot of sense. Personalizing your communications to customers is one of the best ways to increase traffic and build baskets.

At AGS, and as part of the larger RR Donnelley family, we have the capacity to help you utilize your shopper data and maximize your marketing efforts. Our high-volume digital inkjet press is designed to take high-volume variable data and put it to paper with faster delivery times and at a lower cost than ever before.

We’ll help you attract more bears with honey. Seriously. Just ask Ms. Bear.

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