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Getting someone to look twice

Getting someone to look twice

Direct quote from my son: “It was a split of the moment decision, mom!” as we discussed his recent and somewhat questionable decision to ignore a text message from me.

Of course this line is his take on “spur of the moment.” And when he uses it, he says it so seriously that it cracks me up every time. Plus it gets my focus on him and what he is saying. It is now our running joke.

And in that life experience is a direct marketing lesson: changing the message in a quirky way can get the attention of other people. It re-focuses the other person and makes them think twice. Isn’t that what we try to do every day in direct marketing? Get someone to look twice at our message, product, service or whatever we’re trying to sell them.

Never forget, copy is just as important as the rest of your direct marketing campaign. It plays a vital role along with the design, brand, offer and data. The next time you are struggling consider making a “split of the moment” decision to re-think the copy.

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