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Got Data? How do you find a printer that can deal with it?

Got Data? How do you find a printer that can deal with it?

For full disclosure, I do lead a printing company and we print two types of things at AGS: variable data and books. With that in mind, one of the most perplexing things I see in our world of print is that sometimes, in an effort to be “the printer of all things to all customers,” the service of variable data printing gets diluted.

So…as a customer, how do you know that the printer you are choosing can actually handle your data?

Ask questions. Here are some qualifying questions that can help you make the right choice (if by some fluke you decide to use a printer other than AGS!):

  1. What are the controls in place to ensure our data is securely handled?
    Current events have focused on a variety of data breaches and keeping supplied data secure means it won’t be misused.
  2. What is your experience with mailing?
    Most of the time variable print products are being mailed, so your printer of choice should be able to deal with the myriad of requirements to generate the best postal discounts, ensure in home delivery dates and navigate the best options for mail, including co-mingle and drop shipments.
  3. How many programmers do you have on staff?
    Given the nature of variable, there must be a programming staff that can handle the data processing for mail and then the integration of your artwork, images and data into final print ready files.
  4. Do you have samples you could share with me?
    Right answer: yes! Any printer in this market must have good variable data samples to show you and case studies including client references for you to speak with. Variable data printing is not cheap and you want to ensure your project is in the right hands.

Good luck!