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Grocery Marketing Trends for 2016

Grocery Marketing Trends for 2016

Progressive Grocer recently listed their four trends for grocery marketers in 2016. Not surprisingly, their first trend focuses on the value of quality content. The article references a Nielsen report that found “consumers are five times more dependent on content than they were five years ago.” It also shares a report from Forrester that says the average consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content before making a decision. That means as a marketer, you need to carefully consider the content you are sharing. Make sure it’s quality.

Trend two? Reassess your metrics. The article says that most grocery marketers rely on “impressions,” a measurement of the possibility that someone saw or heard your message. In today’s age of data, that’s not enough. Marketers need to measure actual engagement, as these are what are the best indicators of engagement, and sales.

Trend three. Millennials are the most sought after demographic but you have to be creative about how you reach them. Millennials don’t want to just read a recipe in a cookbook. They want to be able to access videos that walk them through how to make a dish, or step-by-step tutorials with pictures, all accessible from their mobile device. The needs and interests of millennials are changing. Your marketing will have to change too.

Last trend. Forget brand loyalty. Shoppers are increasingly “brand-agnostic and retailer-agnostic.” They are more likely to try new brands in the same product category. The article cites authenticity. Marketers need to make sure that what they communicate is authentic enough to resonate with shoppers, therefore building brand loyalty. “Authenticity is driven best through consumer-created messaging.” Your shoppers are your best advocates.

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