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Happy Thanksgiving + Coupons

Happy Thanksgiving + Coupons

In just a few days we’re all going to be inundated with coupons. You’re going to find coupons for Black Friday, online sales at your favorite e-commerce sites, and my favorite — in-store coupons … printed on a digital web press 🙂

Have you ever wondered how coupons are created? How do vendors know what shopping preferences you have and which coupons to send to you? Well, it’s a nifty thing called technology. And targeted consumer marketing. Every time you buy a product with your favorite grocery store card or loyalty card, the store is tracking your preferences, enabling them to micro-target you with coupons that specifically fit your needs. I personally think this is fantastic marketing. Sending dog food coupons to someone who has cats is a complete waste.

Did I mention that at AGS we can handle lots of data and convert that data into something meaningful – like a coupon campaign? Check out this really nifty video on how our services impacted a major grocery chain. And then contact us to learn more about our retail solutions. Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Dec 5, 2013