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Holiday mail & lots of it!

Holiday mail & lots of it!

This holiday season I’ve noticed a distinct trend in direct marketing – mail and lots of it! Catalogs, post cards, mailers, and traditional donation solicitations arriving in droves.

Yes, now is the time for catalogers to get those extra sales. Retailers push customers to stores with good offers. And charities to get donations before year end. Yet the push is a little different from years past…here are a few critical differences:

  1. Catalogers: smaller books  (both in actual size and page count), more drops of the smaller books, special offers that include discounts based on $$ amount spent, more products featured online with the catalog copy referencing that.
  2. Retailers: postcards, small and larger promoting in-store sales, discount cards and “private” events to entire shoppers to the stores. Small business retailers have gotten in on the push with a joint effort to promote local shopping via post cards and newspaper ads.
  3. Charities: fewer free mailing labels, copy that is more personal and designed to get action, and for smaller charities eschewing the envelope for a folded and tabbed self-mailer.

These changes provide cost savings for some and greater exposure for others. It will be interesting to see what 2011 brings for direct marketing.

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