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How Associations Can Save Time and Money

How Associations Can Save Time and Money

How Associations Can Save Time and Money

It’s easier than you think!

Association communication costs for items like conference materials, direct mail, and member directories can quickly add up! Keeping print costs low and on-time, especially for non-profits, is critical and challenging.

The simple solution is a single source print provider. Here are just a few benefits you get by choosing one partner for all of your printing needs.

1. Better Accountability

One company is solely responsible for the process from start to finish for every project. That’s one company, one project manager and one customer service rep handling the project every step of the day. As a customer, you can reach out to one point of contact when it comes to accountability.

2. Save Money

Putting all your eggs in one basket can significantly reduce what you pay per job — and especially annually. Why not take advantage of the economies of scale with the right partner?

Partners with the best expertise will also suggest ways in which you can improve product effectiveness to be even more cost-effective when it comes to printing. A single-source print provider can also help reduce waste by batching projects in a way that provides you with considerable cost savings.

And don’t forget shipping. Using a single source saves costs by cutting down additional handling charges and delivery.

3. Better Efficiency

It makes sense that one point of contact for all of your needs will lead to the utmost efficiency. Having one point of contact responsible means that all teams involved will better understand their roles and in turn be more equipped to handle any issues that arise.

4. Better Branding

A single source print provider will most likely go that extra mile to ensure your branding (colors like PMS and CMYK) are being met across all projects. They will take more of an ownership of your reputation.

We know this because AGS is equipped to be your one-stop shop. As an RRD company, we can provide you with a competitive advantage with our global footprint. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized communications to association members and publishers alike.

Creating audience-specific messaging using digital inkjet web technology is our business. Our variable data and book production services make it easier for you to customize and distribute printed books and other marketing communications.

Check out our case study featuring Distribute-then-Print, outlining how we were able to save one non-profit organization approximately $8,000 on a complex project that called for digital short run, high-end sheetfed and longer run web press capabilities all at the same time. Reach out to us to learn how we can help your organization.

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