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How do you Find a Printer to do Variable Data?

How do you Find a Printer to do Variable Data?

It seems that all printers these days say they do variable data printing. Everyday I encounter another printer that is marketing variable data printing or direct marketing services — the concern I (and you) have is can they really do it?

The one way to tell if they do variable data printing (and do it well) is to ask the printer you are considering a few qualifying questions before engaging them further:

  1. What digital press equipment do you have?
    Right answers should include at least one of: Xerox iGEN3 or Nuevera, OCE, HP Indigo, or a Kodak NexPress.
  2. How many variable data programmers do you have on staff?
    Right answer: at least 1 VDP programmer full-time, ideally you want at least 2 on staff
  3. What software or technology are you using to program variable data print?
    Right answer: really depends on the programmer, but if they say Xerox VIPP, PlanetPress, XMPie, PageFlex – any of those and you’ll be in good hands.
  4. Do you have samples and/or case studies to share with me?
    Right answer: yes! Any printer in this market must have good variable data samples to show you and case studies including client references for you to speak with. Variable data printing is not cheap and you want to ensure your project is in the right hands.

If the printer (or sales person) answers the qualifying questions correctly then I recommend you take the time to meet with them in person and speak with them about the goals of the project, materials you have and then let them get to work on the next step – estimating project costs.