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How MCOs Can Save Money While Easily Meeting Compliance Deadlines

How MCOs Can Save Money While Easily Meeting Compliance Deadlines

As a commercial printer, we understand that today’s jobs and customer requirements are very different than they were just five years ago. That is why we have chosen to invest in technology to reap the benefits of automation, in turn saving our customers money and dramatically cutting down lead times.

Looking inward, InfoTrend’s Software Outlook reported last year that only 8% of North America’s commercial print sector is using automation. When implementing automation, there are definitely challenges, primarily the costs involved and having a mixed vendor environment. However, the benefits trump the challenges.

In a nutshell, automation streamlines processes and creates efficiencies, but what does that mean for your healthcare business?

For starters, using automated print communications means that you can reach out to members automatically in a matter of 48 hours or less. (It’s kind of magical.) Think of open enrollment kits, or confirmation of benefits, or any other communications that need to meet compliance requirements. Quickly printing communications with automation can save thousands of dollars on postage alone because you can utilize standard mail, instead of priority, to meet tight compliance timelines.

If you are a managed care organization (MCO), we invite you to see how our secure workflow solutions can help you easily be compliant and efficient, actually adding to your bottom line.

(And, if you weren’t aware, AGS adheres to strict HIPAA and HITRUST/SOC2-compliance standards.)

This is how it works: Member data files are uploaded into a portal by the MCO on a daily basis via secure FTP. Data files are then processed, and communications are quickly printed and mailed. Some of our custom solutions include portals like these:

Streamline Web Portal

  • Centralizes all communications, including stationary products, letters, handbooks, directories and marketing, materials allowing employees from any department to easily access and send materials to members when needed.
  • This portal allows for storing pre-approved standard communication templates, which means not reinventing the wheel every time.

Customized Web Portal

  • This portal serves to automate processes and manage secure workflows for all member mailings, like educational letters, invoices, ID cards, welcome kits, case management letters, and more.

Users of our solutions have been extremely pleased by the quick turnaround, and the ability to track all member communications with a date and time stamp, which is crucial in case of an audit. Lastly, because of the way we automate, AGS has the ability to adapt and adjust as necessary making us a great MCO partner.

We invite you to give our workflow automation solutions a try. Reach out to learn more.

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