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How to have success with direct mail

How to have success with direct mail

Is there such a thing as success with direct mail? Of course there is. If there wasn’t it wouldn’t still be the #1 method for getting your message out.

That said, if you don’t do it right your chances are slim that it will be successful. Here are some ways to make sure you do it right:

  • Base your decisions about format, list and offer around the highest return on your investment not costs.
  • Test different formats to see what triggers customer response.
  • Test different offers to see what garners highest response.
  • Track responses.
  • Design the piece to include the offer on the front of the mailing – this can help with increased open rates.

And some definite no-nos for direct mail:

  • Don’t create a direct mail campaign without a measurable objective.
  • Don’t make your mail piece so cluttered that the offer and call to action are buried.
  • Don’t forget to update your mailing list to get rid of bad addresses.
  • Don’t assume 1 piece of mail will work; it is just a PART of the campaign that should include other channels.

As I say all the time, if you don’t figure out your goals and plan your campaign it just won’t work. So plan, plan, and then do.

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