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Intelligent Mail Barcode – say what?!?

Intelligent Mail Barcode – say what?!?

Did you know that the USPS has a technologically advanced mail tracking system called Intelligent Mail® Barcode? In theory this can make your mailings more successful – of course that means you must use the tools to make the most of it.

Some features are:

  • Online reports that allow you to track your mail on its journey from mail drop to delivery.
  • Destination Confirm which asends an alert when your mail is about to be delivered. Handy for tracking order fulfillment services.
  • Undeliverable mail is updated; automated updates to the mailing list for all undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail.
  • Response tracking if you use the bar code for the return piece of mail it will send “Origin Confirm” alerts which notify you when responses are coming.
  • Confirm approximate delivery times using the online reporting tools.
  • The Intelligent Mail® Barcode can be used to track letters and flats.

Learn more at: http://ribbs.usps.gov.

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