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Is Direct Mail Old School?

Is Direct Mail Old School?

One of my pet peeves (and lord knows I have a few) is that marketers refer to direct mail as dying and ineffective.

Yep, it is old school – proof is these post cards I found in my grandma’s postcard collection. My grandmother loved postcards. Interestingly enough, these are postcards from 1972 and were unique enough for her to save them. You can see they are reminders for car maintenance.

postcard2 postcard1Maybe you’re wondering … is it a pet peeve to me because direct mail is part of how I make a living? The answer is not at all. You can’t take someone’s view of mail personally (or you’d be insane). It is a pet peeve of mine because direct mail is still one of the most effective channels in a good omnichannel marketing strategy.

Did you know that direct mail response rates are 3.7%?

Yep, darn good respond rates right? Now imagine making each post card personalized to the consumer, focused on what the consumer cares about that you have to sell them. [See my grandmother’s postcards.]

Old school? Yes. You bet it is. Sometimes old school gets the job done.