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Is print dead?

Is print dead?

Hell no.

It is different, but print isn’t dead.

We could argue the point, but I’ll then ask you to look around you – take 10 seconds and look. Everywhere you look there is something that is printed in your line of sight. From your cereal box to your business cards to street signs to paper.

Print has changed. Quantities are smaller as you prepare a more targeted mail list – ideally to get better results. Printing is more environmentally friendly than ever – inks, paper, production environment, etc have all embraced going green (ok they were mostly already green because it made good business sense, but that is a topic for another post). The method of printing may be digital rather than offset. Those are just some of the changes – the list is endless.

The best thing is that while print it isn’t the only way to reach your target audience, it will continue to play a vital role in your marketing efforts. Because it is one of the channels that works.

A great site to check out: www.printinthemix.org. It is a site designed to give facts and figures about print media. A great tool for marketers.

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