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Is your direct mail green?

Is your direct mail green?

Direct mail can be more green than you think. And because direct mail is still one of the most effective means of direct marketing you don’t want to ignore it as a way to reach your audience.  

One common protest to direct mail is its perceived negative environmental impact. Here are some ways to negate that:Green Direct Mail

  1. Make sure your data / mailing list is up to date to reduce waste and returned mail.
  2. Consider fewer pieces in the package and make sure the offer is geared to the audience.
  3. Take time to personalize the mailing using variable data printing.
  4. Choose a direct mail vendor that uses renewable energy.
  5. Choose a direct mail vendor that recycles.
  6. Use recycled content paper stocks.
  7. Use FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) paper stocks (FSC papers are from certified, sustainable paper producers).
  8. Use chlorine-free paper.

Good luck and go greeen!

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