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It’s true! Print Communications Can Be Just as Personal as Digital

It’s true! Print Communications Can Be Just as Personal as Digital

It’s true! Print Communications Can Be Just as Personal as Digital

Print vs. Digital

These days digital marketing can be accomplished inexpensively and with quick, measurable results for tactics like website personalization, social media campaigns, emails and more. However, print communications can be just as personal as digital. Don’t underestimate the power of what you can achieve with print. Even better, use print and digital together for an integrated personal approach.

With advancements in print technology, there are plenty of reasons to implement an Integrated digital and print marketing strategy. We have seen good correlations out there between consumers receiving physical mail, produced with numerous areas of personalization and targeted messaging, leading to a call to action that influences recipients to buy online. 

In fact, providing a link between print and digital marketing is vital to connecting to customers, and in recent years, more than 50% of people responding to direct mail would rather do so online or in-store. And according to DM News, 90% of people ages 25-34 find direct mail reliable and 87% like receiving it.

Other Reasons to Consider Using Direct Mail to Target Customers and Prospects.

Direct mail allows you to:

  • Provide another visual way to get in front of consumers and tell a story free from digital noise.
  • Communicate to a new, highly targeted audience, without wasting money on unqualified leads (e.g. advertising).
  • Tap into tactile senses. Digital can’t be felt. By touching paper, a second sensory channel opens, and the brain moves into a new level of engagement.

Utilize Variable Data Printing with Inkjet Technology

Personalized print starts with good CRM data. All that customer information you’ve gathered through digital CRM tools comes in handy when you’re building a personalized print marketing campaign. Whether it’s branding a brochure for new leads or delivering coupons targeted to existing customers, print campaigns can reach customers at the right time, and the right place.

Knowing what your customers have purchased previously, and what they have been searching for on your website is also a gold mine. With this information, you can print personalized marketing materials aimed directly at a segmented target audience. 

Using inkjet technology, your communications are agile, and able to deliver 100% personalization across an entire page. This makes it possible to maintain a flow of relevant physical communications that complement, or can be integrated with the branded interactions your customers are probably already receiving in the digital channel.  Special effects like spot varnishes and UV coatings that create a soft touch or a texture can make your communication feel unique, not to mention give it a high-quality perception.

Maximize Your ROI

By including direct mail in your mix, and having an omnichannel approach will help maximize your ROI from a marketing campaign. For example, a follow-up email can act as a reminder if it is timed with a printed communication vehicle such as a catalog, or personalized content that your customer requested in the mail. ROI increases when you connect content and messaging that is tailored to your customer as an individual.

Consumers are increasingly frustrated by digital marketing techniques such as pop-up ads and banner ads. In contrast, when you invest in personalized print marketing materials, you create a unique experience that can capture the attention of your existing customers and prospective leads.

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