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Ultimate personalization – Design By Me Lego Sets

Ultimate personalization – Design By Me Lego Sets

It is clear to me that there are a few brands that our household strongly supports – the one that seems to garner the largest amount of fascination is LEGO. You know, those inter-locking plastic blocks that allow you to build just about anything (even a letterpress).

Kids and kids at heart have been creating using LEGOS for 50 plus years — now LEGO has embraced technology to offer a personalized kit that you design yourself which is appropriatey called “Design by Me.” 

I consider this product line from LEGO the “ultimate” in personalization. You download the software, create your own unique LEGO creation in the building program and then order the LEGO set that you created. It arrives in a personalized box and is strictly a one-off. Amazing! 

Check it out when you get a chance.

Interesting LEGO facts: Did you know that the word ‘LEGO’ is the combination of two Danish abbreviations that mean ‘play well.’ The LEGO brand definitely meets that objective. And the LEGO brick has been on the market since 1958 – and if you have LEGOS from the past 50 years they will all work together.

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