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Loyalty Programs are Important to Younger Audiences

Loyalty Programs are Important to Younger Audiences

Today’s top brands understand the importance of loyalty programs to current and future customers. Those programs are so important to younger consumers, according to a recent Advertising Age online story on June 3 that states 37 percent of millennial respondents said they would not pledge their allegiance to a brand that doesn’t offer a strong loyalty program.

But, while 68 percent of those millennial respondents are willing to change their purchase behavior to get loyalty rewards, the survey also found that a growing number of overall respondents just don’t want to provide personal information to companies for the programs.

All companies want to get to the level of Dove and JetBlue, which got high marks for program satisfaction; Papa John’s, whose members are proud to be a part of its PapaRewards program; Marriott, whose members deem its Marriott Rewards program as “trustworthy;” or Chase, whose Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier members tout its quality of rewards.

How can you get there when your targets are reluctant to share personal information? I think innovation is the key. Respondents to the survey said they felt personal data was “cool” when discounts were based on previous purchases to create customized offers.

Variable data coupons allow this type of personalized shopping experience, allowing your company to offer a customer targeted discounts and promotions relevant to him or her. If your company wants to create almost a concierge feel to your program, AGS can help.

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