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Marketing Outside the Box…Target

Marketing Outside the Box…Target

I write about Target quite a bit – I’m a devoted Target shopper  (I haven’t been inside a Wal-Mart in about 5 years and hope to never return) – and today is no different. Target markets outside the box continuously and proves that they are able to redefine the discount shopping business through their growth.

How do they do it?

Like Apple, Target carries quality products and has a series of private label brands that are of good quality. Target focuses on adding designer products to their private label and then insists that the products be well-made.

Second, Target markets to their customers and prospective customers using their data to make sure the offers are relevant.

For example, Target leveraged their credit/reward card program this October by enacting a 5% discount for their Target Reward card members. This was an effort to drive more traffic to stores and it seems to be working. Every time you use your red card you get 5% off your entire purchase. Pretty nice reward. They marketed it through direct mail, email and in-store signage.

Target does targeted mailings to customers offering coupons that are driven by consumer purchase habits. You are truly rewarded as a Target shopper. Coupons presented make sense for you, their customer. They aren’t plying you with coupons for a brand you won’t ever purchase.

They are offering you rewards that you will use, unlike their competitors, and marketing outside the box.

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