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Marketing Outside the Box…Apple

Marketing Outside the Box…Apple

Historically Apple has marketed outside the box and continues to do so. I read over the weekend that sales for the iPad have exceeded 4.1 million units. Pretty good for a device that is really a hybrid of a laptop computer and a smartphone. One that admittedly one no one needs, but most everyone wants.

Why do people want it?

Apple first creates an outstanding product (Newton not withstanding). Then Apple makes sure the device is so easy to use that anyone could operate it. From a 2 year old to a 109 year old, the devices created by Apple have fewer buttons, fewer options and a simple operating interface that make it easy to use.

Apple then creates a desire for the product focusing on their devoted customer base and providing services like the “Genius Bar” to enable customers to adopt their products and services without a focus on selling them anything. Yet, it is quite the challenge to go into an Apple store and leave without purchasing a single thing.

Apple builds anticipation better than any thriller movie – we’ve come to anticipate that Steve Jobs will announce something big every year. And he doesn’t fail to wow us when he announces it.

It is a carefully crafted plan to keep consumers addicted to their products and grow their customer base beyond the historic customer base of designers and artists. Over the past decade with the release of the iPod, iPhone and iPad Apple has become a consumer force to be reckoned with.  Careful application of their marketing makes the company continue it’s power.

I can only hope they continue to create such excellent products.

More: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/147/apple-nation.html

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