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Marketing Powered by Technology

Marketing Powered by Technology

If your marketing isn’t powered by technology, it should be. Unlike any other time in history, companies have the ability to develop – and hone – their marketing strategies based on the data at their fingertips.

Marketing has always relied on customer data in some form but as more and more people leave their digital footprint and technology evolves, what we can now do has become so much more sophisticated.

Let’s put this in perspective: The digital universe contains nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe, and it is doubling in size every 2 years according to market research firm, IDC. The data we create and copy every year will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, by the year 2020.

Let that sink in.

We are all busy contributing to this universe with our phone cameras, streaming videos, posting on social media, doing work online, etc. So basically…just living our lives.

The key to the digital universe is to develop and use software that can analyze this ever-inflating universe to find the hidden nuggets and new opportunities that can transform the physical world. Now we can track, and learn valuable and actionable insights, through the power of data.

I found a study reporting that 50-65% of marketing executives surveyed by Conductor plan to spend more on marketing technologies. Those companies will certainly reap the rewards if they do it right. Incorporating data and technology as a marketing “operations” system is a strategy that will no doubt accelerate your ROI.

Wikipedia says the Marketing Operations (MO) function “enables the marketing organization to shift from being viewed as a cost center to operating more like a business, with formalized best practices, processes, infrastructure, and reporting.” Amen!

If brands learn to embrace all of the data they can [legally] capture about their audience and utilize it, they have the opportunity to create a better customer experience for all.