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For Associations and Nonprofits

Attract and Retain Your Members

AGS can help you maximize your efforts in the areas of membership acquisition and recruitment, member engagement and retention and renewal programs.

Conference and Meeting Solutions

Increase event and meeting attendance by allowing AGS to create promotional materials, develop registration and attendance solutions. Take advantage of RR Donnelley’s global reach to print event materials close to your meeting, so you save on shipping costs and time to market.

Publishing Solutions

AGS can address all of your publishing needs by creating custom publishing solutions that help you improve margins and lower inventory management risk. AGS’s investment in digital inkjet technology allows you to print customized books and directories faster and more cost effectively.


For Publishing

Custom Publishing

Create audience-specific messaging using our digital inkjet web technology. Our variable data and book production services make it easier for you to customize and distribute printed books and other marketing communications.

Digital Inkjet Web

The Kodak Prosper 5000XLi allows you to print high-volume, customized books faster and more cost-effectively than in the past. Supply chain optimization offers publishers decreased time to market and reduced warehousing expenses.

Distribute-then Print

As a part of the RR Donnelley family of companies, AGS can offer our clients access to the industry’s most comprehensive print capabilities across the globe. With manufacturing operations in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, we can help you save on shipping costs and time to market.


Print customized versions of your publication or marketing materials in targeted quantities at near-destination locations. This allows you to choose exactly what you need, when you need it. We help you minimize inventory and streamline distribution to save money and improve your bottom line.

For Healthcare

Streamline your workflow with our automated Summary of Benefits and Coverage solutions.

In 2012, the federal government began requiring health insurance issuers and group health plans to provide subscribers with easy to understand summaries about their health plan benefits and coverage. AGS has implemented Summary of Benefits and Coverage solutions for a number of clients to help them address their business needs.

Our customized, automated workflows have helped these companies streamline their processes while adhering to federal healthcare requirements. Download our secure print communications brochure to learn how we can help you.


**HIPAA Compliance**
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created by the federal government to protect the privacy of individually identifiable health information. At AGS, client privacy is of the utmost importance. Every employee at AGS is required to obtain both HIPAA Awareness Training and HIPAA Security Training to ensure compliance with federal regulations. For more information, please visit www.hhs.gov