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Millennials Love Paper – Just as Much as Digital Coupons

Millennials Love Paper – Just as Much as Digital Coupons

Shoppers who like coupons look everywhere – from digital channels to their USPS mailbox. 

Companies need to make it easy for consumers to find AND redeem those coupons, no matter how marketers choose to distribute them.

A 2019 March report from Valassis tells us that 45% of internet users take advantage of coupons, using them frequently when shopping.

In addition, half of the survey respondents prefer to receive coupons in the mail, with 42% in favor of getting discounts online and then downloading them to a loyalty card and 38% of respondents saying they use mobile devices for paperless discounts. 

Millennials love coupons

What’s more, Millennials have emerged as heavy coupon users. The combination of paper and paperless coupons is most popular amongst Millennial parents at 96%. Not surprisingly, they become even more sensitive to deals after having children. 

Here’s what the report also revealed – 58% of the participants thought that digital coupons should be easier to redeem. They are simply too much work for the average consumer. Until digital coupons become more automatic, operating with a sort of invisible redemption running behind the scenes, a large barrier will remain for consumers.

The Valassis research implies that shoppers do not distinguish between the physical and digital shopping worlds. They want the option to use both print and digital coupons wherever they shop, in-store and online. 

Print coupons work

It is clear that print still has a prominent place in consumerism. In another 2017 study, eight out of ten coupons redeemed at major retailers were from traditional print media.  NCH Marketing reported that only 60-million digital coupons were redeemed – compared to 270-million print coupons.

That says a lot about print and about how to reach Millennials.

Certainly, marketers can best reach customers by utilizing both digital and print touch points. But until digital coupons are easily redeemable, digital media is best suited for fostering engagement, and providing more detailed information about products and services.

In the short-term, spending on print coupons will serve marketers well for customer loyalty and acquiring younger customers. You can and should utilize your data to personalize print coupons and make them even more valuable and meaningful. (We can help you with that!)

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