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MOJO: Our holiday mischief maker

MOJO: Our holiday mischief maker

MOJO is our holiday mischief maker who comes to visit us each holiday season. He’s a feisty little fellow, and is taking over my blog post today to talk about … the AGS staff?

As we say up at the North Pole, it takes an entire village to get ready for the holidays. I’m telling you, we all have to help the big guy up north with checking lists, making toys, taking care of reindeer, packing and wrapping toys and then helping him get all the toys into his sleigh.

I’ve noticed it’s the same at AGS. Everyone here has been so nice to me, and it has been so neat to see how everyone has to work together to get a project completed.

The sales team (who also think I’m very naughty because I’m always sneaking up on them) bring in the business to AGS.

The team in estimating helps AGS make the projects that come in a reality – who knew you actually had to pay for work? We don’t use money at the North Pole!

And then there’s billing. Well, apparently no one would get paid if they weren’t around.

The team in pre-press makes sure that all the files that customers send in are ok to print. (And they love dressing up for the holidays; makes me think I’m back with Santa!)

Then there are the teams who run the presses and finishing equipment. No project could get done without all the people who support the equipment at AGS.

And then there’s mailing…and shipping! If we had teams as efficient at getting mail and packages out the door as AGS’s team, Santa might actually be done in half the time he normally takes!

It’s a fun adventure to visit AGS for the holidays! Hope you gained some perspective on what it takes to run a print plant.