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Personalization is Easier than You Think

Personalization is Easier than You Think

Personalized direct mail can make your campaigns that much more effective.

Consumer expectations have drastically changed to include personalization. If by chance your marketing tactics still consist of sending direct mail that may have little bearing on the recipient’s interests, purchases or lifestyle, you must change course immediately. Why? Because personalized direct mail works.

Did you know that direct mail – backed with analytics – brings two big advantages over other channels? And personalized direct mail actually has the potential of email, combined with the prospecting power of advertising, for that one-two punch.  Think variable data and print.

Because direct mail harnesses real, definitive transactional data to optimize lists, it has the distinct ability to identify prospects for acquisition. This is where email marketing falls short, proving difficult in which to prospect.

Solid data yields results

According to the Data and Marketing Association’s Statistical Fact Book for 2017, direct mail delivered to prospects, produced a 2.9% response rate (tying with prior year results), while house lists received a much higher response rate of 5.1%. Most marketers would say that is a pretty good return on investment. 

Also, people just respond differently to physical versus digital communications. Tangible items, like direct mail pieces, trigger activity in the parts of the brain that align with value and desirability. And, the more personal you can be with that communication, the better results you will receive.

Companies like Amazon and Starbucks have conditioned consumers to expect all companies to:

  1. Know them
  2. Remember and acknowledge them
  3. Understand their current needs
  4. Anticipate their future needs

Here are some tips to help you up your direct mail personalization game. After all, relevance equals response.

Use variable data print technology to personalize

According to a survey by Segment, 44% of consumers will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience. And, by empowering your direct mail strategy with variable print text, imagery, logos, and offers, you can target individual customers, reaching just the right audience.

Best of all, production costs for plate changing from one product version to another will no longer affect your budget.

Other tips for variable print include:

  • Test, test and test with 2-color variable messaging to continually improve format design, content/offers and customer scoring/ranking. Versioning can then be applied to create the most relevant offer for each individual customer.
  • Be sure to add multi-channel response options to your direct mail program. This ensures that potential buyers can reach you using the method they prefer.
  • Create loyalty with special birthday deals or giving customers a heads up when prices drop on products they have browsed (or purchased).

AGS is backed by R.R. Donnelley’s advanced technology and analytics expertise; we specialize in mining data to unlock indicators for response and drive custom content in tune with attributes, behaviors and preferences. For the best ROI and to maximize personalization, make sure your print partner offers the same technology. If not, we would be glad to help!

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