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Relevant Coupons Drive Bigger Baskets

Relevant Coupons Drive Bigger Baskets

Did you know that 63.9% of consumers prefer physical or printed coupons?* Yes, coupons aren’t just for your grandma.

And so does that mean coupons are cool? Duh, anything that let’s you keep a little of your hard earned cash available is always cool. ☺

Now to get to my point, have you ever wondered how coupons are created? How do retailers know what shopping preferences YOU have and which coupons to send to you? Well, it’s a nifty thing called targeted consumer marketing. Every time you buy a product with your favorite grocery store card or loyalty card (my favorite is Target’s REDcard), the store is tracking your preferences, enabling them to micro-target you with coupons that specifically fit your needs. I personally think this is fantastic marketing.

Imagine you have two cats and you open your mail to find dog food coupons — such a waste. Now imagine again, opening your mail and finding coupons for BOGO on cat toys, a discount on cat nip and a coupon for the food your cats would kill for. Yes, that gets you to the store and you buy more than you normally would (at least, I do).

At AGS we handle lots of data on a daily basis. We convert that data into something meaningful – like a coupon campaign. Check out this really nifty video on how our services impacted a major grocery chain. And then contact us or visit us at agsretail.com to learn more about our retail solutions.

*Source: RetailMeNot and Placed, “The State of Coupons and the Role of Mobile,” February 2016